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Here's an article on the collective unconscious as a possible source for artistic inspiration I translated from French to English and posted on my LJ just about forever ago:


We have two entirely independant brains. The right brain and the left brain. Each one has its very own mind. The left brain works by analyzing everything in numbers. The right brain looks at everything in terms of form. (We could also say: the first works numerically, the second analogically.) For the same info, the analysis is different and can lead to completely opposite conclusions.
However, both have to work things out or we're in for some serious mental trouble.
Only at night can the right-unconscious-advisor hemisphere give its opinion through dreams to the left-conscious-accomplisher. A bit like an intuitive woman, in a couple, might subtly slip her opinion to her very materialistic husband.
According to professor Theillard, this feminine intuitive brain has another gift - to plug itself on what he calls the noosphere. The noosphere (also called Great Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung) would be some kind of big cloud around the planet like the atmosphere or ionosphere. This immaterial cloud would consist of all human unconscious minds emitted by human right brains. This would be like an Immanent Great Spirit, the Global Human Mind, what Bergson calls God.
At night, our right brain would have the capacity to draw from this noospheric magma the global thought made up of the addition of all human right brain emissions. A bit as if our unconscious hemisphere could plug itself on the radio wavelength where the real primordial info lies.
So we would believe that we come up with things, or make things up, whereas our right brain would be the one mining for them up there. Since our left brain listens to our right brain, the info goes through and leads to ideas which can lead to concrete achievements.
A painter, a musician or a novelist would thus be no more than radio receivers able to draw from the collective mind with their right brain and allowing the right to communicate with the left enough for it to accomplish something..." (Werber's Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge, p.72-73)

I thought it could be perceived as relevant to this community, but I'll gladly remove it if it's not. I've heard some of the science in it refuted since then, so I don't know whether it's actually valid or just bogus claptrap, mind you, but I just found it to be good mind candy either way.

I remember telling an artist friend of mine who I was chatting with a while back that I got ideas for artwork just like artists do, only my hands didn't have the skill to make most of anything come out right, that I felt like drifting ideas had unwittingly nested in my head without knowing that I didn't have what it took to make them come to life, as if on my birthday I'd been given some kind of exotic pet that I didn't have the training or equipment to take care of properly.

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