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Community rules and info

What does the community name mean?

It refers to the "particles of inspiration" theory from Wyrd Sisters and other Discworld books. Tery Pratchett postulates that inspiration particles are constantly zooming through the universe and occasionally they hit people, causing a brainstorm. Gotten a brainstorm that just doesn't work for you? It's a particle meant for someone else.

Why are we here?

Because we're here. Roll the bones.

No, seriously.

You're no fun.

We're here to release ideas into a wild. To let loose that flash of inspiration you had and couldn't use, in the hopes that somebody else can.

What constitutes an "idea"?

Anything, really. A character name or profile. A chunk of dialogue. A snippet of plot. A what-if question. A doodle. If you came up with it and can't use it, it probably merits inclusion here.

Define "probably."

Well, I do have some restrictions.

-Anything you post here must be your own work. Tennyson may be inspiring, but his stuff is already out there.
-Only post something you're willing to let go of. You can certainly delete a post at any time, but by then other people have seen it and may have used it.
-Keep it family-friendly. Mild swearing, violence, and innuendo aren't a problem, but start getting more extreme and I start getting deletey.
-Images and long text behind a cut.
-No soapboxing. Ideas based around a hotbed issue are fine. "Ideas" that are just an excuse to foam at the mouth about your sociopolitical issue of choice will get you banned.
-Spam and die.
-No fandom stuff.

Run that last one by me again.

I love fandom, really I do, but this place is about sharing original ideas and giving other people carte blanche to toy with them. Something that's based around somebody else's universe violates the basic spirit of that.

What about stuff from things like fantasy name generators and They Fight Crime?

Only if they're of unaccountable brilliance, and then only rarely.

Who's making/enforcing these rules?

Me. I don't foresee enlisting anyone else, but if I do I'll tell you.

What if I think something that's been posted violates the rules?

Tell me. My contact info is in my profile; just email me with "misinspired" somewhere in the subject line. Don't bitch endlessly about it in the comments, and definitely don't make your own post to complain.

Okay, there's some ideas now, and I see one I want to use. What now?

Use it! There's no claiming process, and no limit on how many people can use an idea. Common courtesy does dictate that you credit the original poster if you repost what you come up with somewhere else, though.

Am I allowed to comment on ideas?

Of course, if it's constructive. Posting just to say you don't like an idea accomplishes nothing. But if you have thoughts on how to expand an idea, or if one just tickles your fancy, feel free to start a dialogue. Brainstorm to your hearts' content, and maybe you'll inspire each other.

If I create something inspired by an idea I found here, can I post a link to it?


What are other appropriate topics of discussion?

-Suggestions on how to improve the community
-Thoughts on what inspires you. This isn't the place for your thesis on the comparative benefits of listening to Schubert versus Metallica while you're writing/arting/whatever, but a few lines about the ideas that suddenly come to you every time you go to the gym would not be amiss
-Ideas and questions about the creative process

Will this information be updated as the community evolves?

Most likely. I'll announce it if they do.

If I have other questions that aren't answered here, can I ask them in the comments or the community proper?


Are you starting to regret your answer to that second question up there?

Yep. Song's gonna be in my head all day now.
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