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01:45am 19/02/2006
  Chunk of a scene that popped into my head this evening and desperately needs a home.

"She could feel them forgetting her even as she left the shop, purging her from their minds efficiently and almost eagerly, as if to make the eventual words come more easily: 'No, Officer, we never saw the victim. Nobody matching that description has been in here.'"

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05:09am 04/03/2005
  Here's an article on the collective unconscious as a possible source for artistic inspiration I translated from French to English and posted on my LJ just about forever ago:

NoosphereCollapse )

I thought it could be perceived as relevant to this community, but I'll gladly remove it if it's not. I've heard some of the science in it refuted since then, so I don't know whether it's actually valid or just bogus claptrap, mind you, but I just found it to be good mind candy either way.

I remember telling an artist friend of mine who I was chatting with a while back that I got ideas for artwork just like artists do, only my hands didn't have the skill to make most of anything come out right, that I felt like drifting ideas had unwittingly nested in my head without knowing that I didn't have what it took to make them come to life, as if on my birthday I'd been given some kind of exotic pet that I didn't have the training or equipment to take care of properly.


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First ideas 
10:05pm 17/02/2005
  A conversation that inspired a few new words:

Tabbythajd: ...Why have I suddenly lost the ability to type the word 'truth'?
Kass Fireborn: XD
Tabbythajd: 'rutho,' 'rrith' ... My typos don't even make sense!
Kass Fireborn: Rutho ought to be usable for something.
Tabbythajd: I think 'rrith' is a hissing noise that small dragons make.

And a line that popped into my head the other day (because it did):
"The air had a strange smell of industrial soap and mesquite smoke, suggesting that somebody had tried to barbecue a public restroom."

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Community rules and info 
11:40pm 10/02/2005
  All your questions answeredCollapse )  

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Hello and welcome. 
12:30am 10/02/2005
  Feel free to join, feel free to tell others about this journal, feel free to start introducing yourselves. Also, feel free to comment if you have suggestions for the community.  

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